Oversell Protection
Push oversell levels higher,  increasing overall profit
Drive higher profit from oversell without dissapointing your passengers.

How it works...


Target potentiall oversold flights that are candidates for being oversold or flights that experience capacity changes


Contact passengers quickly with alternative flight options to allow for the most time to react before they reach the airport


Choose only the volunteers you need.


Drive incremental profit while reducing stress on frontline staff.


The right incentive

Whether it is lounge passes, vouchers, upgrades or a switch from a connecting flight to a nonstop, we optimize the offer for what makes the passenger happiest and minimizes cost for the airline.

Reach your passengers

In oversell situations, it is critical to reach your passengers via their preferred communication method. Volantio's platform provides for targeted and swift communication with customer, leading to optimal outcomes.


Legal Compliance

Operating globally, the Yana platform is designed to work seamlessly with all local compliance and regulation, reducing the administrative burden and reducing customer complaints. Whether it's EU261 or Bill C-49, we've got you covered.