Revenue Rebook
Create a secondary marketplace for high demand flights.
Move passengers from high value to low value inventory and generate incremental profit.

How it works...


Target a flight with high bid price.


Offer to move passengers to a flight with low bid price.


Automatically move willing passengers and issue compensation.


Resell seat & maximize profit


Post-booking Profit Optimization

The Yana Seat Resell module gives airlines another tool to optimize the use of their available inventory. When the value of a flight increases and inventory is limited, it automatically contacts passengers with an opportunity to move to a lower value alternative flight. Once the passenger is automatically compensated and moved to the new flight, the original seat is now available to be re-sold.

Optimized Decisions

The Yana platform maintains machine learning models that allow it to determine how likely passengers are to agree to move to an alternative flight. When there is an opportunity to profitably move passengers from one flight to another, it is able to optimally balance compensation and other costs to the airline with the potential profit.


Happier Customers

Feedback from passengers indicates they welcome the opportunity to receive something of value in exchange for their flexibility. Even those who are not able to do so on their current trip have provided positive feedback and a desire to do so again on another.