The Yana Platform

Fully automated solutions for revenue & operations optimization.

Powering Operations for modern airlines
Maximize profit and decrease costs with better capacity utilization.

Our Solutions

Revenue Rebook

Maximize RASK by moving passengers from high value to low value inventory prior to departure for any flight.

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Flight Alerts

Improve operational performance by automating passenger reaccommodation in downgauge and IROPs situations.

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Oversell Safety-Net

Reduce stress on front line staff and passengers during potential denied boarding situations by better managing passenger expectations.

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Machine learning

Our Offer Optimization System* predicts the probability a passenger will move off a high demand flight and selects the optimal incentive to provide airlines with the maximum profit across all flights.
*Patent pending

Customer Success

Our Customer Success team works closely with all of our partners to provide key insights and recommendations. From regular check-ins to in-person training, they make it their responsibility to make sure you get the most from our solution.


Simple Integration

Our Engineers have mastered getting our solution ready in as little as 2 weeks. We require minimal work from the airline and have an Engineer onsite to expedite processes and our Customer Success Managers to ensure testing, training and communications are handled for go-live.

Innovating together


With our partnership, we leverage key insights and shorter integration times all to build a better product for our airline partners.

What customers are saying

"As a result, the Volantio platform has become a core part of our revenue management and operations processes.​"
~ Kevin Ger, Vice President - Pricing and Revenue Management, Alaska Airlines