The Yana Platform

Spillage Recovery

Boost unit revenues, and mitigate spillage, through recovery and resale of high-value inventory.

Leverage Volantio's A.I. capabilities to provide cost optimal offers to flexible passengers, days in advance of departure.

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Denied Boarding Protection

Reduce the costs and complexity of denied boarding on oversold flights, enabling your front line staff to focus on on-time departure.

Automate the process to identify volunteers, move them to alternate flights, and issue cost optimal offers.

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Irregular Operations Management

Reduce the financial, commercial, and customer impacts resulting from delays, cancellations, equipment changes, and more.

Automate the process to re-accommodate passengers on alternate flights and issue appropriate offers.

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Our Approach

  • Fast and easy implementation

    Integrate in days not months, with minimal work required from your technical teams.

  • Tailored for travel

    Custom built from the ground up to drive higher unit revenues and improve marketing performance for the travel industry.

  • Fully automated and personalized

    Automated and personalized solutions that can be deployed with minimal technical resources from our partners.

Our Partners