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We are the leader in post-booking profit optimization.

Awards and Honors

​Founded in 2014 by Azim Barodawala and Fenn Bailey, Volantio is a software as a services firm focused on helping airlines improve capacity utilization, automate marketing, and improve the overall passenger experience. Volantio is venture back by many of the biggest names in travel including Ingleside Investors, JetBlue Technology Ventures, IAG, Amadeus Ventures and Qantas.  Of recent, we signed a partnership with Amadeus to help deliver Volantio's Yana platform to more airlines worldwide faster.

Our headquarters is in Atlanta, GA with team members in the Netherlands and Australia. The team is highly skilled and passionate about travel, building exceptional technology, and delivering unparalleled service to our partners. We are constantly innovating to deliver our overall best day in and day out.

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