Volantio’s Re-Commerce Platform enables airlines to continue commercializing their inventory after bookings have been made, unlocking passenger flexibility to drive higher profit, greater experience and improved operational efficiency.

What we deliver

More revenue

Straight to the bottom line

Better alignment

Across airline teams

Happier passengers

Increased loyalty, NPS

More sustainability

Less CO2 per passenger flown

What we do

Modernize the handling of overbooked passengers

Extract additional yield from peak flights, and additional load factor from off-peak flights

Enhance the passenger experience during aircraft swaps and disruptions

“The financial impact of reduced spoilage has been well over $20 million per year, and this number excludes the additional benefits of reduced invountary denied boardings, reduced workload for frontline staff, and improved guest experience.”

- Shane Tackett, CFO, Alaska Airlines

Why Volantio leads the industry

Superior Intelligence

In 2023:
• Evaluated over 300 million flights
• Contacted over 25 million passengers
• Leveraged over 6 billion data points to guide our ML models
• Generated over 10x ROI for our partners

Unparalleled persuasiveness

• Deep expertise in communicating to passengers
• Proven ability to find “sweet spot offers” that maximize acceptance while minimizing cost
• Cross-channel messaging meets passengers where they are
• High-performing communications templates support multiple languages and flexible offers

Proven solution

• 15 airline customers
• Backed by serious industry investors
• Disney picked us

Ease of implementation

• Strategic partnerships & turnkey implementation
• Faster time to revenue - First, fully automated use case could be live in 90 days
• Platform configuration adapts to your airline needs
• Fully automated passenger solicitation and moves

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