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Volantio helps airlines maximize unit revenues and decrease costs through greater capacity utilization, while providing customers with better predictability and control over their travel journey

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Important Announcement: We are excited to announce our partnership with Amadeus!

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The Yana Platform

Post-booking Revenue Optimization

Boost post-booking revenues, and mitigate spillage, through recovery and resale of high-value inventory.

Leverage Volantio's A.I. capabilities to provide cost optimal offers to flexible passengers, days in advance of departure.

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Denied Boarding

Reduce the costs and complexity of denied boarding on oversold flights, enabling your front line staff to focus on on-time departure.

Automate the process to identify volunteers, move them to alternate flights, and issue cost optimal offers.

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Irregular Operations

Reduce the financial, commercial, and customer impacts resulting from delays, cancellations, equipment changes, and more.

Automate the process to re-accommodate passengers on alternate flights and issue appropriate offers.

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Our Approach

Fast & Easy Implementation

We can integrate in weeks, not months, with minimal work required from your technical teams.

Fully Automated

Our platform can be fully automated, eliminating the need for time-consuming, day-to-day, manual support.

Powered by A.I.

Yana's multi-dimensional machine learning technology analyzes data instantly to automatically deliver cost optimal, personalized offers to highly targeted customers.

Nandor Locher - Head of Qantas Digital Direct

Volantio employs a 'partner first' mentality, and has consistently worked closely with our teams to ensure that our projects continue to grow and succeed

Alexander Knigge - SVP of Digital, Emirates

One of Volantio’s core value propositions for Emirates was the fact that they were able to do the majority of development themselves. Given their experience, they were able to limit the time we spent to the most high value tasks, rather than requiring significant tech resources on our end to complete the integration and ongoing support

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