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2019 1H Milestones and Progress

July 31, 2019

It's been an amazing first half of the year for Volantio. Below, please find a very brief summary (power of 3!):

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How to create a secondary marketplace with a success rate greater than 100%?

June 27, 2019

The revenue optimization module of Volantio’s Yana platform powers supplier controlled secondary marketplaces for airlines. Airlines provide a benefit to flexible travelers on high demand flights who are willing to shift their travel schedules (these travelers are the “sellers”). This enables airlines to resell this inventory to passengers who want to travel on the high demand flight (the “buyers”).

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Volantio and the Amadeus Partnership

June 26, 2019

Our CEO sits with Altaf Rizvi, Head of Partnerships & Acquisitions, to discuss the recent partnership and investment between Volantio and Amadeus.

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Amadeus and Volantio announce a new partnership to help airlines optimize capacity and increase revenues

June 3, 2019

Amadeus Ventures will invest in the travel tech startup which uses machine learning to help airlines rebook flexible passengers on lower demand flights.No one likes to show up at the airport only to be turned away because of overbooking. A new agreement between Amadeus and Volantio hopes to make that experience one for the history books.Amadeus announces two deals with Volantio today. The travel tech startup will receive funding from Amadeus’ startup investment program Amadeus Ventures. At the same time, the startup has signed a new partnership with Amadeus which will enable airlines to easily integrate Volantio´s innovative solution with Amadeus Altéa technology.

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Where technology meets practicality

April 29, 2019

Sometimes a beautiful solution for the future requires simple yet practical features for today. In the last few weeks, we released a new feature for our Yana Platform, which enables airlines to collect volunteers for reaccommodation even if the airline does not know specifically what alternatives are available.

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Volantio's collaboration with the Accenture Amadeus Alliance

March 26, 2019

As many of you may recall, last September Volantio won the inaugural "Air Pitch" Competition sponsored by Skift, and the Accenture Amadeus alliance. We were proud to be selected first out of more than 50 start-ups who applied. As part of the grand prize, Volantio had the opportunity to spend a week in Dublin at the Accenture Amadeus Innovation Center, collaborating with Amadeus on a project to enhance Volantio's platform leveraging Amadeus's data and expertise.​

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How Many Offers? Determining the magic number to efficiently attract volunteers

February 28, 2019

Volantio’s Yana platform helps airlines drive higher ancillary revenues and reduce operational costs by:​ ​ Automatically identifying passengers who may be flexible with their travel plans Sending them automated offers to move to alternative flights Executing those moves Issuing the relevant compensation

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Average 3x ROI: How do we know?

January 31, 2019

A few of you have written us asking what we mean by "3x-5x Average Revenue Uplift" (by the way, we love hearing from you, so please keep those emails coming!) The simple answer is that Volantio has worked with its Yana partners to build an extremely robust revenue accounting system that sits at the core of our platform. We refer to this system as the "Ledger."

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Volantio’s Denied Boarding Module: A modern, automated, solution to a historically frustrating process

December 18, 2018

Overbooking is an important strategy for airlines to maximize load factors and reduce spoilage. However, when the "show" rate for the flight is higher than expected, airlines must deal with costly and frustrating denied boarding situations. Traditionally, airlines have used the “gate auction” process to resolve this challenge - offering escalating amounts of compensation to find volunteers to give up their seats. This process is antiquated and manual. It frustrates passengers, and stresses already busy front-line gate staff. Most importantly it is very expensive when it does not work, as airlines have to pay out involuntary denied boarding compensation to passengers

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More Notice = More Money

November 27, 2018

​As discussed in our previous newsletter, Volantio passed a significant milestone this quarter with the full automation of our platform, leading to a ~10x increase in product usage while eliminating manual work required by airline staff.

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