2019 1H Milestones and Progress

July 31, 2019

It's been an amazing first half of the year for Volantio. Below, please find a very brief summary (power of 3!):

3 biggest platform milestones:

  • We're driving over ~$10M USD in annualized value to our partners
  • We’ve surpassed 6 million passengers contacted
  • Full revenue and capacity optimization from when a ticket is sold until when a flight departs is in production (both seat-buy function and denied boarding management functions are fully live)

3 most important company milestones:

  • We completed a partnership with Amadeus which will greatly speed up implementation timelines and reduce costs for new carriers to leverage Volantio's platform
  • This is the first of multiple partnerships that Volantio hopes to execute (please contact us if you are interested in partnering!)  
  • We signed our 8th airline partner

3 most impactful new features:

  • Making our platform accessible for the visually impaired
  • This meant a lot to the Volantio team
  • Our customer facing email and acceptance client feature full keyboard navigation and rich screen reader support
  • Enabling network optimization using the Volantio platform
  • Optimize the network by offering passengers an "upgrade" from 1-stop itineraries to non-stop flights
  • Route passengers through different hubs to reduce stress on high demand flights
  • Offer flexible passengers a benefit from switching from non-stop to one-stop itineraries
  • Creating more ways for our partners to reach their customers via the Yana platform
  • The platform supports push notifications via partner mobile apps, SMS with a link, and (assuming partner access) WhatsApp channels

I would love to chat further if any of this would be interesting! Please reach out at azim@volantio.com