Our platform is now fully automated

October 25, 2018

Yana’s profit optimization module (which we call “YieldBoost”) drives incremental profit by:

  • Automatically identifying flights that are booking ahead of the demand curve or are sold out
  • Offering flexible passengers benefits to change to an alternative flight using multiple communication channels (text, email, WhatsApp, etc…)
  • Re-booking passengers that accept and issuing the corresponding benefit

Once passengers are moved, airlines can then resell those seats. Flexible passengers receive a benefit for their flexibility, last-minute travelers benefit by getting access to a flight that might otherwise have been sold out, and airlines benefit by driving incremental profitability.

When YieldBoost first launched, it required significant administration and overhead effort by RM analysts. With our new, fully automated version now live airlines benefit in a number of ways:

  • No daily administration required - fully automated end to end system with real time capabilities
  • Significantly increased opportunities to drive incremental profit: usage has increased 2x - 10x with our automated partners, without sacrificing profitability
  • Enabling our airline partners to reach scale at a much faster rate, unlocking increased machine learning opportunities

Volantio’s Denied Boarding and Operational modules have also been built for full automation, and over the coming months we look forward to sharing additional progress their usage.