Volantio's collaboration with the Accenture Amadeus Alliance

March 26, 2019

As many of you may recall, last September Volantio won the inaugural "Air Pitch" Competition sponsored by Skift, and the Accenture Amadeus alliance. We were proud to be selected first out of more than 50 start-ups who applied. As part of the grand prize, Volantio had the opportunity to spend a week in Dublin at the Accenture Amadeus Innovation Center, collaborating with Amadeus on a project to enhance Volantio's platform leveraging Amadeus's data and expertise.​

It's quite possible that an effort like this - which could be very broad in scope - could easily go off the rails and ultimately not achieve anything useful. I am glad to report that was most certainly NOT the case.

Volantio dedicated roughly ~20% of our team to this development sprint - bringing in myself, our CTO, our VP of Product, and our Data Scientist. Amadeus dedicated more than eight team members from engineering, product management, account management, and other areas. The Accenture Amadeus Alliance provided a spectacular venue to work together.

Prior to the Development Sprint, the teams spent nearly four months preparing, narrowing in on a very specific use case. In roughly four days of intense collaboration in Dublin, we were able (by our estimation) to achieve what would have otherwise taken six months or more working remotely.

Specifically, Volantio and Amadeus were able to build a functional integration between Amadeus's inventory and revenue management platform, and Volantio's Yana platform. Once launched at scale, this integration will enable Yana to address a significantly larger market by identifying potential spill opportunities throughout the booking curve as opposed to only when flights have already reached very high load factors.

The integration also produced a number of other benefits that will increase the value generation opportunity and reduce program costs.

Over the coming months, the teams plan to work together further to roll out the integrated product with a few pilot carriers and, assuming success, begin the process of scaling it further.​Please reach out if you would like to learn more.