The SmartShopper Product is an airline-direct, personalized flight shopping technology that continuously searches for the most relevant travel options for guests, and reduces purchase friction while driving up to 5x conversion rates


Your customers are ready to engage - are you ready to listen?


Airlines are being intermediated by OTAs &
metas who provide personalized purchase pathways


Airline-direct, personalized flight shopping
technology that continuously searches for
most relevant travel options for guests

How it works

Customer expresses intent

Customers who are not yet ready to book can engage with the airline by setting an alert for a specific route

Airline builds relationship

Customers receive personalized communications with live prices for their preferred destination, along with a strong call to action

Customer books

Customers are deep linked into the booking flow, reducing friction and  boosting conversion rates

Why it’s valuable?

Leading Indicator

SmartAlerts captures customer intent data and provides airlines with a reliable leading indicator for transactions weeks or even months in advance

Actionable Information

SmartAlerts tells airlines when and where customers want to travel, at a highly granular level, backed by verified, opt-in contact information from customers

Exceptional Engagement

Customers love SmartAlerts: engagement is 2x - 5x better than industry standard engagement rates for travel marketing