Our automated RevBoost Product aims to tackle two fundamental constraining issues faced by fixed capacity industries, resulting in up to a 40% profit lift. RevBoost has two modules; Overbook Accelerator, built to address spoilage (unfilled capacity on fully booked flights), and Revenue Rebook, built to address spillage (excess demand that cannot be accommodated).

Overbook Accelerator

Overbook with confidence, protecting both passengers and profits


Brand concerns and existing inflexible and inefficient denied boarding resolution processes limit the level to which airlines are willing to overbook.


Overbook flights safely, efficiently, and confidently by fully automating the denied boarding resolution process while creating customer good will

How it works

Detect situation

Volantio’s Greenleaf platform automatically detects flights where the booked capacity is greater than the physical capacity of the aircraft, and matches them with available, suitable alternative flights

Solicit volunteers

Greenleaf automatically solicits volunteers willing to rebook and chooses the optimal compensation amounts and specific flight alternatives

Rebook passengers

Volunteers are automatically rebooked  onto alternative flights and  compensation processed. Data is fed back to GreenLeaf enabling continuous optimization

Why it’s valuable?

Stress Free & Cost Effective

Greenleaf is fully automated and self optimizing, eliminating stress on front-line staff and customers, and lowering compensation cost

Profit Optimal

In times of volatile demand and
constrained capacity, oversell protection lets airlines continue to overbook confidently by de-risking the resolution process

Versatile & Adaptive

GreenLeaf adapts in real time as the number of needed seats changes, adjusting offer amounts and flight alternatives to maximize results

Revenue Rebook

Continuously maximize revenue, even after customers book


Optimizing revenue on peak assets has historically been
limited by a fixed capacity constraint, with raising price
as the only lever to optimize results


Continuously re-optimize revenue by adding incremental capacity to capture new peak demand

How it works

Detect opportunity

Volantio’s Greenleaf Platform
automatically matches peak flights
(with high spill probability)
to off-peak alternatives

Send offers

Greenleaf sends booked passengers an offer to switch their flight in exchange for a benefit. Volantio’s proprietary machine learning system chooses the profit optimal compensation and specific flight alternatives

Process results

Volunteers are automatically rebooked and compensation issued.
Performance data is fed back to GreenLeaf enabling continuous optimization

Why it’s valuable?

Profit Optimal

Revenue Rebook lets airlines react to uncertain demand by continuously re-optimizing capacity and yield even after customers book

Fully Automated

Greenleaf is fully automated and self optimizing, powered by AI, eliminating manual workflows for airline teams

Customer Centric

GreenLeaf ensures that each customer receives the optimal compensation offer and flight alternatives, improving engagement and success