One Platform.
Easy-to-use software to digitally connect your passengers and optimize inventory.
The greenleaf platform
Fully Automated and Optimized with Machine Learning.

Technology Highlights

Turnkey Implementation

The Greenleaf Platform works with your current revenue management system, so your airline can optimize inventory in as little as two weeks.

Leverage Data

Greenleaf calculates the value created on a flight-by-flight basis and provides this information to our partners in a visual dashboard with reporting capabilities.

Powered by Machine Learning

We combine millions of data points to determine, on a flight-by-flight basis, the optimal number of seats to recover and the optimal benefit to offer passengers, leading to a profit optimized result. A constant feedback loop ensures ongoing self- optimization.

Fully Automated

Greenleaf targets flights based on a series of profit optimizing business rules, identifies alternatives, sends customized offers to customers, processes responses, rebooks passengers, and issues compensation. All automatically.



Integration with all PSS Systems

We understand and have solved the numerous practical challenges that can arise when integrating with these complex systems. The Greenleaf platform integrates seamlessly with all major PSS systems including Amadeus, Sabre, and Navitaire.

Amadeus Partnership

Our unique partnership and investment from Amadeus affords Volantio a key advantage over other less-feature-rich platforms.

PSS Agnostic

Whether its an established system or proprietary, Greenleaf can integrate seamlessly and query flight manifests and identify revenue-generating passengers.



Real-time Omnichannel Messaging

Connect with passengers 24/7 through multiple channels, including SMS, mobile app, e-mail, WhatsApp, and others. Passengers can respond in real-time, enabling them to evaluate an offer, select their preferred choice, and be rebooked within seconds.


Support for two-way SMS across national borders.


Passengers can browse options over email and accept/decline.

Mobile App

Integration with airline mobile applications and notifications, for partners that prefer it as a medium over SMS.


Security & Compliance

The Greenleaf platform utilizes established best-practices in data encryption technologies and adheres to regulatory restrictions on data access. This results in a platform that is safe and secure with passenger data and at the same time observes regional and national legal restrictions that airlines operate in.

Data Security

The Greenleaf platform encrypts data in-transit and at-rest using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256, a secure symmetric-key encryption standard utilizing 256-bit encryption keys, thus securing access to sensitive information.

Regulation Compliance

Volantio adheres to regional regulatory restrictions around the globe, like GDPR.