The OpsAssist Product automates disruptions resolution through self-service rebooking tools when disruptions
and operational issues require guests to be rebooked to alternate flights. Use cases for OpsAssist include
cancellations, schedule changes, downgauges, downgrades, and more.


Disruptions are complex, expensive, and time
consuming to resolve, upsetting guests.


A guest-friendly, self-service platform enabling
automatic flight rebooking and compensation.

How it works

Detect disruption

Volantio’s platform, Greenleaf, automatically engages when flights have been disrupted or cancelled

Send offers

Greenleaf sends booked passengers offers to move off disrupted or cancelled flights, displays specific alternative flights, and offers appropriate compensation

Process results

Passengers are automatically rebooked and applicable compensation issued

Why it’s valuable?

Reduced Workload

OpsAssist modules can reduce manual call center handling by 95%+ during disruptions

Fully Automated

Volantio’s Greenleaf Platform, powered by AI, automatically engages affected passengers with flight alternatives

Customer Centric

Through the self-service tool, guests are able to select specific alternative flights and are rebooked without having to engage with call centers or front line staff